Doug Rates The Puddings


We asked Doug Doug, our resident pudding expert and gormand to rate the various flavors of puddings on a scale from 1 to 10, 10 being the highest rating possible. Everyone knows that Doug loves pudding, Cheez Its and Tomato Clam Surprise more than anything else! Doug said he didn't really care if the pudding was canned, homemade or that dry stuff from a box so we decided he would rate the flavors only, here are his preferences by flavor.

Flavor                           Rating and explanation

Chocolate                       10+ There is no higher nirvana than chocolate

Tapioca                          10+ Pearly grains of heaven

Lemon                            10+ The sweet, the sour, the best

Coconut Cream             10+ Makes me feel fuzzy inside

Vanilla                           10+ Like big fluffy clouds

Butterscotch                   10+ Makes me think about warm baths and puppies

Banana                            10+ Monkeys and Tarzan and Koresh, mmm good!


Well, that was real informative, NOT! Doug, just go back to playing "Garbage Man" or "Helter Skelter" on your guitar and stay out of the kitchen please!

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