Kenneth Thith's 

Shaving and Ironing Tips!


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One of Kenneth's many duties in the service of the Lord via the DOoFS is that he daily shaves the other male members. Kenneth recommends Old Spice Shaving Soap in a mug, you know, the kind with a brush that your grampa used. Kenneth said he didn't have a particular favorite type of razor but that a straight razor could be sharpened a whole lot sharper than any old disposable razor and there are many other uses for a straight razor too! (No Doug! Not ritual castration, you're having a flash-back to the Heaven's Gate again)


The other thing that Kenneth really, really, really excels at is ironing Caleb's shirts, in fact he is the only one allowed to touch Caleb's shirts. If you watch the clips from Ivy's film, you will see what happens when Ivy dares to touch one of the Sacred Garments of Caleb. The most important thing about ironing Kenneth taught me was that you must touch the iron at least 200 or 300 times during each ironing session to make sure it is goo and hot, not merely lukewarm, as lukewarmness in ironing is a sign of great sloth and the Devil. Kenneth seems to not have a preference for what type of starch but I suspect that he would consider spray starch in a can as the "easy", slothful way out and mixes his own starch the proper way.

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