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Had the good fortune recently of spending the evening hanging out with Nicola. She did a make-over on me and passed on these tips on hair styling and music!

Hair Care Rules!

!. There is no such thing as too many styling or hair care products. - Nicola was telling me she once heard some actor whining about the hairdressers on his show putting too many products in his hair and fooling with it all the time till he flipped out and got the world's shortest and ugliest haircut. Nicola contends he merely needed a more firm hairspray like Aquanet to stop those fussy stylists.

2. Bad hair days are made for braids or scrunchies! - Nicola loves scrunchies, you know those pony-tailly thingies made of fabric that you can pull all your hair back with. Her favorite place to get them is the local Wal-Mart. Braids are great because you can do all kinds of wild things with them, from the down and dirty dreads to the elegant French Braid, at least that's what she told me. 

3. No such thing as a bad perm! Curls, curls and waves, all of them will improve your look according to Nicola and the longer your hair the better. I didn't have the heart to tell her about my ill-fated experiment with perms back when I fancied myself the next Jon Bon Jovi. I ended up with the same haircut as that actor fellow because I looked like a demented poodle that had suffered from electro-shock therapy.

Nicola said a lot more things about hair and the best ways to style it and take care of it but I started getting light-headed from the fumes of the styling products and the rest of the evening is a strange blank in my mind.


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