Our rules - all 12 of them

Simple enough for Rufus the Buck-toothed Sluggard to understand

1. You have to show Caleb the proper respect!

As there must be a leader in all situations and at all times you must defer to that leader. Caleb was appointed by God to be that leader and deserves our respect. Every time his name is uttered you must respond by "Raising The Roof"

2. Routines are good for you

 One cannot be all play and laze about, there must be some order to our days. We sing the "Arky Ark" song and we stick to our daily time schedules.

3. You shall not utter either "The Confluence of Horrors" (WHUP!) or Quellish (Let It Come!) without giving the proper responses thereof.

Just as we have to show proper respect to Caleb, so must we show proper respect to these Sacred utterances....

4. Refrain for discussing bodily functions except by the terms deemed proper by The Reverend

Lest you gross out others and our Reverend.

5. Regular clothing shall be worn except when Caleb tells us to don the garb of the Ultimate Mediator

Another words, as long as your clothing is not too freaky or red, it will be allowed.

6. Calebs rules must be followed during vestigal pray times

This is especially important as we might electrocute ourselves if these rules are not followed.

7.No more wire hangers (Whatever that means)

8. You must possess pudding and chapstick at all times

Chapstick is a Holy Protecterant against attacks of the Enemy and pudding gives one the strength to stick to their Holy Tasks deemed necessary by The Honorable Reverend Caleb Solar.

9. You have to give to receive the blessings

Divest and join

10. We are NOT the C-word!

nuff said

11. Huh? (Check with Caleb on the meaning of this)

12. You have to obey Caleb because it's the same as obeying God!


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