Secrets of the DOoFS


Ivy Vaughn


Ivy Tells All!

Couple of nights ago Ivy hung out with me, the Webmaster for about 6 hours. Ivy's a nice guy but he cannot keep up with me on my rituals of preparation to work on this website. That's me below gettin' ready to write. . . 


Yeppers, that's me gettin' ready to write!

Anyhoo, after a few beers Ivy started spilling his guts about what he REALLY thought about every member of the group! I have my trusty tape recorder sittin' next to me and I captured all of his impressions of the DOoFS, highlights listed below.

Caleb - Either he's the real deal or the world's biggest wacko! 

Kenneth - Oh boy! He creeps me out always hovering around Caleb like he is a big ole spider waitin' to pounce.

Isaac - Elizabeth should start grinding Thorazine and Prozac into his food. If he's this mean and angry with his friends, what in the hell would he be like if he was really riled up?

Nicola - Whatta babelicious young thing, only one in this group that might possibly be semi-normal

Neville - A sterling example of why the British Empire is in a serious decline, seems to stay drunk and constantly throws out the most bizarre nonsequiturs into every conversation

Elizabeth - Very, very, very devoted to Caleb and the group but as dependant as a wet blanket. Bet she's only had sex in the missionary position.

Terry - He scares me

Shawn - In total denial about alot of stuff  but a very smart kinda of guy.

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