The Lord Said To Caleb

Have Shawn Build An Arky Arky!

Shawn contemplates the amount of wood needed for an Ark!

Shawn is our master-builder and designer of our Ark and I had to spend some time with him the other day asking him about the importance of proper Ark building. I mean, you can't go around floating on the deep blue in a jerry-rigged, half-assed boat. What happens if you spring a leak? Or the boat is uncleanable (the smell! the smell! Capt!)  or too crowded or something? These are just a few of the logistics nightmares that Shawn had to factor into his design of our Ark I asked Shawn to list a few of the most important things to remember when building an Ark and here they are....

Use the right tool for the right job. Say you want to pound in a nail, do you pick up the nearest Skillsaw and use it to force the nail into the wood? Heck no! You reach for your handy-dandy hammer, not a brick, not a bat and certainly not a glass jar.


You must start with the proper materials. Know your materials, every aspect of them. Say you are building an Ark, you should know better than to try and build it out of pressboard. That might work over in the former Soviet Union but we Americans know that a boat constructed from pressboard would merely dissolve the first time you put it in the water.


Almost as important and as knowing your materials is finding the proper place to purchase them with properly trained sales staff. This is the biggest problem that Shawn happens to be wrestling with at this moment. Seems that the guy down at the local lumberyard is brain-dead or inbred or just plain ole ignorant. He claims to have never heard of "Gopherwood" before and keeps trying to get Shawn to buy Teak. But Shawn knows that The Most Honorable Reverend Caleb Solar would consider using anything less than pure 100% Gopherwood to be cheating, taking the easy way out and if you take the easy way out you allow the Devil to take the easy way in. Nuff' said!


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