Elizabeth's Secret Sexy Side

This page is about all my most secret fantasies so here you are completely forbidden to call me "Mom", "Auntie Elizabeth" or even "Elizabeth Wilberforce" I wanna be a Lizzie!

I am not wearing any panties!

No one back at the Divine Order of Faithful Servants knows about this page, this is my own personal private place to put my most throbbing feelings. If only I could make the men of the group see me for the hot wild sexual being that I truly am in my inner most being. Getting so sexually frustrated in the Compound that both D*** D*** and T**** F******** are starting to make nightly appearances in my erotic dreams alongside C**** and K******.

Fantasy #1

I am bent over the oven, baking a special cake for D*** D***, chocolate with chocolate pudding in the innards and that wonderful Italian hunk Fabio sneaks up behind me and spreads "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" on my backside.


Fantasy #2

The H******** R******* C**** S**** is rushed  to the hospital with a mystery ailment that may kill him. His only chance at living is if he is breast-fed every 2 hours and I selflessly volunteer for this onerous task.


Fantasy #3

Walking thru the woods one day I come upon that handsome young I** V***** as he accidentally falls in a mud puddle. I get in the puddle with him and tickle him till he wets his pants.


Fantasy #4

During V******* P***** T*** that very handsome K****** T**** that always lends me "scrunchies" suddenly notices I never wear underwear beneath my Laura Ashley dresses. I smile as he turns red.


Fantasy #5

Spend a delicious hot afternoon watching S**** W***** building our A**. I shiver and shake watching the sweat run down his ebon skin. I wonder if he is that color everywhere if you know exactly what I mean.


My time is almost up and soon it will be time to prepare more pudding and more tofu apple brown  betty. Back to the kitchens of Endsville.

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