Video Games?

Harmless Fun?


Portal to Hell?


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Caleb Ponders This Holy Riddle!

The Honorable Reverend Caleb Solar used to be as fond of Video games as the next guy till recently the Lord told him during his daily prayer time that most Video games are nothing more than the Mark of the Evil One on this earth, Satan's way to make us all comfortable with the idea of murdering others. So in the interest of saving your soul from eternal damnation for committing the sin of murder, here is a list of acceptable Video games that are not sinful.


If Camus can do, is Sartre smarter? Count on Existendo to bring you the very best in existentialist games. Albert Camus, "Myth of Sisyphus Game" delivers hours upon hours of philosophically challenging, ego-battering entertainment. Ponder your pointlessness as Man scores big on the uphill push, then Rock's downward roll sets him back to zip! Fruitless frivolity for the entire family.

Alien Avoidsion!This game's object is quite simple. Save your drunken teenage sister from being probed by the aliens. Win and that prevents her from giving birth to green babies, Lose and get probed hard yourself! Fun for all ages.

Religious MonopolyThis is one of Caleb's all-time favorite games. You get to be either Jesus or some old dude in a funny hat. Click on the name and play the game online so you can see if it's worth blowing $19.99 on.


Java Junkies - The game in which you get to hang out in front of a Starbucks coffee house and beg for spare change from all the yuppie passerbys till you finally have enough money to score your very own double mocha latte with extra caffeine. But be careful to space out your java downing or you may suffer from that dreaded caffeine fiend od and end up doing something like that crazy Vincent Van Gogh dude and chopping off your ear for some chick and painting stuff that looks like a madman did it.

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