Our Routines!


Caleb has decreed that daily routines are Holy! Who are we to go against the word of God?

Life here at the Compound for the Divine Order of Faithful Servants does have its routine and order. But we do not go by the world's calender, only by the routines laid out by our Beloved Leader. First we start the day with a hardy breakfast after doing the morning tending of the Sacred Flora. Post-breakfast Kenneth likes to shave all the males in the group so they will greet the day clean-shaven and ready for anything. The rest of our day passes in a flurry of activity preparing for Quellish (Let It Come!) and Ark Building!


Ivy partakes in the mid-day repast for replenishing our strength for our Holy Dutys! Amen!

We find that after having our bodies replenished with food at lunch so does post-lunchitude replenish our souls as we go out and recruit new members. We spend many blissful hours singing the Arky Ark song and seeking out those in search of the Ultimate Truths.



Night time brings the Holiest and most Sacred of all our many duties, the Late Night Vestigal Prayer Time. We have been known to pray for hours, storing up our prayer power in these radionic prayer storage units. Be sure to be barefoot during your prayer time to reduce the chance of electrocution by prayer.

Post prayer we find a good way to relax is to retire to your room and "Pray To The Bishop"

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