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Oh, welcome  Old Chaps...Neville Asquithe here and I have been appointed to be your guile, I mean guide to the finer estabplishhments of afrodisia, alcoholic potables and exotica....Pardon me chaps for but a moment whilst I go drain my lizard and call the vicar.......


Yours truly unendubidity has started this eventide with a few belts of my old favorite, Gulpys Gin, the preferred intoxicant of Etonians everywhere..Say, see that naughty waitress over there??  Wondering what it takes to shag a toffy-nosed one like her.....back to the pub crawl...

First place we needs be venture into is the Ye' Ole Bucket O Puke....a rotograviture appearing below...

Pub1.jpg (47340 bytes)Bloody, bollocky thing is too bloody small!You have to do something to make th e image large but the exact thing escapes me at the moment....I love Ye Ole Puke and their piece de reisitnace is a drink made of Guiness stout with a raw egg and grated blue cheese floating about, its called "The Chunder"

Next we must find our way to the seedy dregs of Fulham, let me consult my map....

london.gif (23026 bytes)How is anyone expected to read this bloody map if you're not a bleedin' ant! Shall we forget the map and press on old chums?

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Not sure why this sodding thing is putting the photograviatures all over the place but this is another favorite pub, Fulham's The Fulham Tup. I must remember to keep my eyes down and not the paintings in the Tup' as they all depict Sheep Shagging. GOd! I Need a woman, any woman..

pub5goat.jpg (131386 bytes)After Tup's we're be attending the winepress at another Fulham hotspot Goat In Boots. Egads! did you see the jubblies on that cheeky bird?..and another round for the smashing chaps at table 6.

pub3anchor.jpg (38281 bytes)Next is The Anchor Dockside on the river Thames. It is most amusing and quaint, filled with seamen on shoreleave and loads of loose tarts plying their liffers. The only sticky wicket being that you have to be quite careful in the gents room. If your posterior is smooth and white, the drunken sailors sometimes mistake you for a lady of the night.

pub2.jpg (25846 bytes)

And our final pub crawl stop is the Sherlock Holmes, I ab-so-lutely think this pub is the tops, smashing funn....Oh my...suddenly the room is spinning, Cheerio mateys...and goodnight vicar..back to Endsville, NY and the Reverend!

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